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    Thanks to the current demand for quality real estate opportunities, I get to speak to and assist many people at this time of year.

    Assisting people is my specialty, and it is the most gratifying part of my work. I count myself lucky because I enjoy frequent and heartfelt “thanks” from friends and clients alike. I am humbled by their loyal support through repeat business and referrals.

    If there is something I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to call. Should you or someone you know ever need assistance or a fast answer to an important real estate question, you can always count on me to respond quickly and wholeheartedly.

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    Make Two Wish Lists When Shopping For A New Home
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    When shopping for a new home, create a wish list of the features and characteristics you want. After all, there’s no sense looking at properties with kitchenettes when you won’t settle for anything less than a full-sized kitchen that Julia Child would envy.

    But there are probably some features that are nice-to-haves but not must-haves. For example, you might like a large wrap-around deck in your backyard, but would settle for a home that doesn’t have one. (After all, you can always install one later.)

    That’s why it’s a good idea to create two wish lists. One list would include all the features you absolutely would not do without in your new home, and the other would list all those things you’d like to have, but are not necessities.

    With two lists, you’ll make better decisions. Your shopping will be easier because you won’t be wasting time viewing homes that don’t meet the criteria on your “must have” list. The second list will come in handy when you’re comparing properties and deciding which one to buy.

    Two lists also help to ensure you get most, if not all, of what you really want in your new home. And that makes all the difference.

    The #1 Ingredient Needed To Sell Your Home Quickly
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    There’s a long list of ingredients needed to sell your home quickly. Obviously, you want to make your home as clean and uncluttered as possible. You should also make sure any outstanding repairs are done. And, of course, all the little things you can do to make your home “show” well are important, too.

    But the number one ingredient needed to sell your home quickly is the right price tag. If you set the price of your home just right, buyers will come to see it, and there’s a good chance you’ll get some good offers. If you price your home too high, however, few buyers will take an interest in your property and it might languish on the market for months. Worse, it might not sell at all.

    So how do you determine the right price at which to list your home?

    One of the best ways is to do an analysis of what similar properties in your area have sold for recently. What people are actually paying for homes like yours — in neighbourhoods like yours — is the best indicator of the true market value of your home.

    Want to find out what your home’s price tag should be in today’s market? Call me at 280-0989.

    Sell Your Home Faster With An Outdoor Makeover
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    When you put your home on the market, it’s important that you make the indoor living space as attractive as possible to potential buyers. The foyer should look spacious and inviting. The bedrooms, neat and uncluttered. The basement, clean and well lit.

    All good advice.

    But don’t forget the outdoor living space. That too has a significant impact on how quickly your home sells and for how much. You want to make the area around your property, from the front walkway to the backyard deck, as attractive as possible.

    How do you do that? Here are some tips for sprucing up your outdoor living space that can be easily implemented.

    • Trim the hedges. Like a haircut, it gives your landscaping a clean, styled look.
    • Place flower pots in strategic locations, such as next to the front steps and on the deck or patio.
    • Fix anything that’s loose or squeaking, such as fence gates, shutters and deck railings.
    • Remove anything unsightly, like garbage bags and piles of garden cuttings.
    • Sweep all walkways, especially the one leading to your front door.
    • Wash the outsides of your windows. (No need for ladders, buckets and scrub brushes. Most home improvement centres now sell window washing kits that hook up to your garden hose.)
    • Check to make sure everything works: water taps, electrical outlets, exterior lights, etc.

    You can probably get most of this work done in a single weekend. It’s worth it. Making your outdoor living space look great will dramatically increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers.

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    James Branch Cabell

    “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

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