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    How selling your home will set you free to do what you love !

    Last month Bob and Sally approached me to help them sell their home and move into a condo. I’ve been helping couples do this exact task for the past 33 years, so we set out to get’er done. After living in the same home for 15 years they had lots of memories and lots of stuff, so letting go was hard. They had to down size, the de-cluttering process made their home larger and more attractive. As with any sale money was important, we reviewed market comparables and established a price that realistically reflected today’s market value. It helped to rationalize the move by remembering that condominium life was going to give them time to enjoy life, to travel, visit different cultures and to accomplish items on their bucket list. Pricing the home property, my extensive online marketing, and showing the home when it was spotlessly clean and tidy generated an acceptable offer in a timely fashion.
    Prior to the home sale closing we ventured into the condo shopping experience. We first identified their priorities, bedrooms, bathrooms, size, location, parking and price range. There were lots of choices, so we were able to refine our search to focus on building amenities and features that accommodated their hobbies, lifestyle, and activities: like hiking, biking, photography and outdoor activities that help keep them physically active. It wasn’t long before we identify their ideal new surroundings, the building looked beautiful, it was close to all the amenities they frequented and the unit itself was well appointed with large sunny rooms, modern appliances and attractive fixtures. The gas fireplace and South facing balcony were desirable upgrades from their previous house, so it made the condo even more appealing. We negotiated a great purchase price assuring them a very comfortable budget to work within. We then set about reviewing the condominium estoppel documentation and having a home inspection completed on the unit. After discussing the bylaws, financial statements, the reserve fund study and the home inspectors report Bob and Sally were certain they were making the right choice for all the right reasons. Their new condo is going to eliminate the previous house maintenance tasks, reduce the amount of space and time required to clean and to free up their time to relax and enjoy life.
    Bob and Sally’s story isn’t unique, hundreds of families have had the stress and pressure of selling their homes lifted right off their shoulders. The 28 point marketing plan I will initiate will get your home sold, quickly and at a price you are willing to accept without any high pressure tactics. When you are in the market to purchase a home you want to know that your realtor understands real estate cycles, they know the inventory, have experience with builders and bankers, and they are expert negotiators. Purchasing a home is likely to be the single largest investment you will ever make, when you have a choice, why wouldn’t you choose a realtor with 33 years of knowledge, marketing, and negotiating real estate experience?

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