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The Surveyor’s Real Property Report

What is a surveyor’s Real Property Report?

A surveyor’s real property report is a legal document that clearly illustrates permanent above ground structures and registered easements in relation to property boundaries. The document consists of a plan showing the physical improvements with a written report outlining the details of the property.

In a real estate transaction, the Surveyor’s Real Property Report can be relied upon by the purchaser, seller, realtor, lawyer, financial institution, and the municipality as an accurate representation of the property.

How does a Surveyor’s Real Property Report protect you?

The purchase of a property is often the largest financial investment ever made. You do not want to discover problems with the property after the sale. Your Land Surveyor assumes full professional responsibility for the accuracy of the survey giving you peace of mind knowing the location of all buildings, registered easements and encroachments.

What is the difference between a Surveyor’s Certificate and a Surveyor’s Real Property Report?

Prior to 1990, Land Surveyors issued documents called Surveyor’s Certificates. In 1990 the Saskatchewan Land Surveyor’s Association adopted new standards to provide more information and better protect the public by replacing the Surveyor’s Certificate with the Surveyor’s Real Property Report.

Who needs a Surveyor’s Real Property Report?

Property Purchasers, to be informed of:

  • the location of buildings relative to the property lines.
  • registered easements that may restrict future developments.
  • encroachments that may become a liability to the purchaser.

Property Sellers, to provide:

  • a plan and report that clearly illustrates the marketability of the property.

Realtors, to provide:

  • a visual representation of the property for sale.
  • information to avoid delays in completing property transactions.

Lawyers, to assist in:

  • verifying the current state of your title.

Financial Institutions, to verify:

  • that there are no encroachments that may affect the marketability of the property offered for security.

Municipalities, to ensure:

  • compliance with bylaws and zoning regulations.

A Surveyor’s Real Property Report shows:

  • the registered owner, the certificate of title number, legal description, the date of the title search, and registered easements affecting the property.
  • the municipal civic address (if available) of the property.
  • the parcel designations of adjoining lands.
  • the linear measurements of the property boundaries.
  • the location and dimensions of buildings relative to property boundaries.
  • the location and description of visible encroachments onto or off of the property.
  • the location of the listed registered easements.
  • the original signature and seal of a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor.

How long is a Surveyor’s Real Property Report valid?

The Surveyor’s Real Property Report shows the location of buildings on the property on the date of the survey. In a majority of cases the survey was performed when only a foundation existed and the building was under construction. This document may not reflect current conditions after only a few weeks. In other cases,  old documents may appear to reflect current conditions, but neighbors may have additions that are over the property lines or easements may be registered against the property.

The Saskatchewan Land Surveyor is professionally responsible for the document and will issue a Surveyor’s Real Property Report only if certain that it shows the current state of the property. A valid Surveyor’s Real Property Report will have a current date and bear the original signature and embossed seal of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyor.  An unsealed copy may not be reliable. Under law, the copyright to the document remains with the Land Surveyor and cannot be reproduced without the surveyor’s consent.

How is a Surveyor’s Real Property Report prepared?

A Saskatchewan Land Surveyor is, by legislation, the only individual who can legally determine  and mark out property boundaries in Saskatchewan and prepare a Surveyor’s Real Property Report. A Saskatchewan Land Surveyor will undertake the following tasks in preparing a Surveyor’s Real Property Report:


  • a search of the title, all registered easements and plans relating to the location of boundaries of the subject property, including historical records.

Field Work

  • locate survey monuments and verify their position and origin.
  • from survey measurements establish one or more monuments on the property in accordance with the Land Surveys Act.
  • measure the external walls of buildings and determine their distance from the property boundary.


  • review the field notes.
  • produce a plan and report reflecting the results of the field survey and title research.
  • consult with the client or agent and deliver documents.

How much does a Surveyor’s Real Property Report cost?

The amount of work to prepare a Surveyor’s Real Property Report varies from one property to another. Factors that affect the cost are:

  • travel expenses of the field crew.
  • the size, shape and natural features of the property – the topography of the land.
  • the number, size and location of buildings and improvements.
  • availability, location and type of survey monuments on or near the property.
  • age of the property (some subdivision surveys are more than 120 years old).
  • the construction of roads, buildings or fences and other development since the last survey.

It is important to remember that your Surveyor’s Real Property Report represents only a small portion of your total property investment and may help you avoid costly and troublesome problems in the future. It is strongly recommended that you discuss all components of the survey with your land surveyor before the work is undertaken so that you fully understand what will be involved and the basis for the fee that will be charged.

A Surveyor’s Real Property Report will ensure that one property corner is established. Arrangements can be made while it is most economical to have the remaining monuments placed at the time of the survey.

Download a copy of the 2018 Suggested Schedule of Fees For Professional Services.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is a policy issued to the mortgage lender to protect against a defect in title. In Saskatchewan, the land titles system guarantees ownership of your land by title. Title insurances provide no information about your property.

Only a Surveyor’s Real Property Report can assure you of the extent of your property and warn of any possible problems.

Saskatchewan Land Surveyors

Current standards require completion of extensive University education, followed by a period of articles and professional exams. As professionals, Saskatchewan Land Surveyors are governed by provincial law with a mandate to protect the public’s interest in matters of real property. They must be registered and maintain an annual licence with the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors’ Association.  Click here for a list of Saskatchewan Land Surveyors.

The Surveyors Real Property Report provides information:

  • on the current locations and dimensions of the land, buildings, registered easements, and encroachments.
  • to assist financial institutions assessing mortgage applications.
  • to insure zoning compliance with the municipality.
  • to assist in the completion of a property transaction.

A Surveyor’s Real Property Report is a legal document prepared by a registered Saskatchewan Land Surveyor. It protects the land owner and the property purchaser.

If you have questions about Surveyor’s Real Property Reports please ask me or contact the Saskatchewan Land Surveyor’s Association (Phone 306-352-8999, email:


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