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    Imagine the feeling of peering through the doorway of your next home, make-believe you are able to catch a glimpse of the size, shape and colors of the rooms visible from your perspective. Next, step inside and get a sense for the texture of the flooring beneath your feet. With your hands, trace the countertop surfaces. Feel the temperature of the room around you. Now ask yourself, is it time to change or modify my current home layout, design or feel?

    This is how I invite new home buyers to experience their next home before we find it together. Imagination differs for everybody. What is universal however, is the value of clarity combined with action. The trick is to align your values and expectations with what you want, then patiently moving towards your goal.

    The fall and winter is a great time to take stock and update your current home or plan your next move. I am fortunate to work with the finest decorators, contractors and installers in real estate. If you know someone who would benefit from a referral to one of my trusted friends in the business, I would be delighted to introduce someone who shares my high standards.