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History of Stonebridge Real Estate History of Stonebridge


In 2004 Dundee Developments began to construct the Stonebridge Concept Plan that had been developed by Crosby/Hanna. The village concept plan proposed to develop the 960 acre total area into 110 acres of commercial development and 850 acres of residential development. In addition just over 200 acres were set aside for open space. The earthwork and servicing of individual lots began in 2004 with the first lots made available in 2005. Dundee Realty Corporation had 292 lots in Phase 1 available for sale and the first home was already framed by January 2006.

At the time of the original design Stonebridge was planned to accommodate 11,000 residents living in 4800 homes, making Stonebridge the largest neighborhood in the city.

The commercial development in Stonebridge began with the 40 acre Stonegate Shopping Centre on the south east corner of Circle Drive and Clarence Avenue built by First Pro Shopping Centres. Started construction in the summer of 2005 with Walmart as the anchor tenant, this commercial development was instrumental in funding and building the Clarence Avenue overpass.

Stonebridge has grown at 10 times the rate of growth for the rest of the city. The 2017 Community Profile listed the Stonebridge population at 11,284 people. Home ownership at 87.2% far exceeds the city’s average of 66.3%. Stonebridge has a good mix of housing units and styles. The blend of multi and single family units has resulted in some very unique looks and different housing configurations coming from many different builders. Single family homes make up 49% of the dwellings in Stonebridge, a slightly lower ratio than the city’s overall 53% ratio.

Stonebridge was the city’s first subdivision with integrated commercial and residential areas. The services in the business park are close by and convenient for not only people using them but also for the people working at them.

Stonebridge boasts ample retail, professional services, numerous locally owned small businesses, restaurants, thriving park space, a new library and new elementary schools. The most recent interchange at Victor Road and Highway 11 opened in October 2016 and has further improved the accessibility for the Stonebridge neighborhood.

Construction of new multi-family housing units continues to attract new families into Stonebridge, however single family development has pretty much maxed out due to very few lots remaining undeveloped.


Stonebridge today is one of Saskatoon’s most popular neighborhoods in which to live, work and play.